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We contribute to world quality / reliability through development and sale and the trust examination
of the product related to important end-point about a printed wiring board or electronic materials.

about Electrochemical Migration

In late years evaluation about safety and the reliability of products attracts attention by the recalls of products.
As for the reliability of the product, it is confirmed evaluation by a quality control system of research and development or a manufacturing process of material.And the method follows a change of the demand of the market and evolves every day. The new electronic material and development of products that considered a global environment in particular are prosperous(for example Lead-free solder alloym,RoHS), and it is the situation that must review an evaluation method of the reliability with it today.

Erectrochemical Migration Tester


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We will develop products related to insulation reliability (ion migration), etc., which are important evaluation items for printed circuit boards and electronic materials, and will contribute to the quality and reliability of your company through sales of them.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests about ion migration inspection of printed circuit boards or insulation resistance measuring instruments ECM - 100 etc.
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