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  • Erectrochemical Migration Tester ECM-500 Serise

High Voltage of up to 500V!
Erectrochemical Migration Tester ECM-500 Serise

ecm-500 body ecm-500 software screen


  • Possible testing of various samples by wide applied voltage of 1V~500V and channel individual voltage output.
  • High-speed scan processing of the CH 50msec/CH by individual measurement circuit mounted.
  • Surely catch the leak touch phenomenon in the detection circuit of the response speed is less than 100nsec.
  • Max 100CH case is easy relocation and can be installed anywhere because of the small size and light weight.
  • Safety feature that allows emergency stop or pause in the contact use of the chamber door opening.
  • Adopt color cable to reduce the burden and misses of soldering work.
  • Simple and easy-to-use dedicated software.


Printed circuit boards, solder, migration evaluation such as an insulating material.
Also it supports test requirements of car electronics related manufacturers by the applied voltage of up to 500V.