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Electrochemical Migration Tester ECM-100 series

ecm-100 body ecm-100 software screen

Strong Point

Simple operation

  • By the adoption of the high side measurement, soldering work to the sample decreases.
  • Anyone can easily perform operation of attached software.
  • It has a function to easily make a report.

High efficiency & many functions

  • It is equipped with an independent measurement circuit every CH and achieves sampling speed of 16msec.
  • It is possible to expand nunber of channel to 10 to 400.
  • Setting of the different examination voltage is possible each channel.

High reliability

  • It is prevented an abnormal measurement by a diagnose-it-yourself function.
  • Data extraction is easily possible to record data to CompactFlash card.

Simple system

  • Measurement is possible only by this system without PC.
  • Wide applied voltage range of 1-300V by default.
  • Simple constitution is superior in maintenance.


ElectrochemicalMigration evaluation such as a print board, soldering, resin, the conductive adhesive.
This system is useful as a high-performance insulation resistance measurement device too.


  • The clear data which suppressed the noise even in the case of
    difficult high resistance value Figure1
  • The high speed sampling handling of 16msec does not miss
    "the moment" Figure2
  • This device is most suitable for the insulation resistance evaluation
    examinations such as condensers Figure3


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