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  • Conduction Reliability Tester RTm-100 Serise

Small resistance measurement of μΩ order
Conduction Reliability Tester RTm-100 Serise

rtm-100 body rtm-100 software screen rtm-100 software screen


  • By high-speed scanning of 50msec/CH can be linked to the high-speed cycle also tested in multi-CH.
  • prove the long-term reliability adopted a semiconductor relay for switching 4-terminal network of CH scan.
  • A built-in AC / DC current source to the hardware in the standard. It can be selected in software.
  • Hardware of the small size and light weight that can be expanded up to 240CH is easy to install and move.
  • Possible recording and display of temperature data by connecting the thermocouple.
  • Reduce the burden and misses of the soldering work with CH identification easy color cable.
    Measurement cable Measurement cable:2.0m(hardware side) +1.5m(Sample side)


Conduction reliability evaluation of through-hole, solder joints and circuit pattern.