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  • 3A Conduction Reliability Tester RTm-30DC Serise

Conduction reliability evaluation with a large current of
3A Conduction Reliability Tester RTm-30DC Serise

rtm-30dc body rtm-30dc software screen rtm-30dc software screen


  • Carry out the resistance measurement gives a large current stress of up to 3A in such as VIA hole.
  • Design with a focus on micro-ohm measurement is measuring the change in resistance to high sensitivity.
  • Effectively reduce the noise in the twisted-pair cable for each CH.
  • Automatic settable average value for the number of set cycles as the reference value used for NG judgement.
  • Expansion possible compact housing up to 160CH is easy installation and relocation.


Conduction reliability assessment at the time of large current stress application of conduction part such as VIA holes or through-hole.
Stress current also corresponds to the test requirements of setting possible car electronics related manufacturers up to 0.1A ~ 3.0A.