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  • High Voltage Insulate Reliability Tester HVUα Serise

High Voltage Inshulation Measurement & High-Speed Event Rcording
High Voltage Insulate Reliability Tester HVUα Serise

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  • Detection of partial discharge in a high-speed event measurement function of less than 100n seconds.
  • Stable voltage applied to each sample with CH individual power equipped & CH individual feedback.
  • It can be different applied voltage set for each CH independent power equipped & independent control.
  • No failure or trouble during the test because it is not a scanning system by the mechanical relay.
  • Detecting an instantaneous sample short circuit detecting circuit mounted on each channel.
  • Low noisemeasurementin theactiveguard withtriaxialcable
  • The system can be configured in a five-channel units depending on demand.


Insulation reliability evaluation of the high-voltage device, the breakdown voltage rating of the power module, anti-migration performance evaluation of the printed circuit board, insulation reliability evaluation of other high- voltage components.

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Supported OS:WindowsXp、7、8、10